Family Friendly New Years Party Ideas

Family Friendly New Years Party Ideas

Many people think New Year’s Eve parties are just for adults but you can have a blast and plan a party that will be just as fun for kids as much as adults. It’s important to remember that little kids still need to stay on their schedule and it’s easy to accommodate everyone’s needs.  Here are a few ideas to make your family friendly New Year’s party amazing and fun! Make sure the kids the pack sleeping bags so they’ll be ready for the night.

First and most important is to keep the kids involved. They love to help and plan.  They can help with designing the invitations to helping prepare simple foods.  This way they will want to participate and have fun as the night goes on.

Next is to make a list of fun kid friendly crafts and activities.  A fun one is to make confetti balloons. Both older and younger kids can participate in this.  Just simply cut up construction paper very small and fill up balloons. Have the older children then blow them up and when its time to celebrate pop the balloons and have a confetti  explosion.  You can also make shakers by filling two paper plates with beans and stapling them together,  the kids can then decorate the outside of the plates.

Also another great tip is that you don’t have to wait until 12am to celebrate the New Year! Determine the best time that works for your family and use that as a count down throughout the evening.  You can serve apple juice or milk in champagne glasses so the kids can feel included and toast to the night!

-written by Alicia Willis

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