About Us

The Wesley Chapel Network (WCN) is a local forum to share experiences, recommend service providers, spotlight local news, publicize local events and support our local businesses. It’s a place where the word “community” matters, in every sense of the word.

To further enhance our resident’s living experience and provide vendor contacts at their fingertips, we built this directory. It’s a local directory that allows businesses to promote their services directly to our 24,000 member private Facebook group, as well as, a stand-alone marketing model accessible by non-members conducting Google searches for Wesley Chapel and Pasco County area services. That means customers seeking a local business service (just like yours) can quickly be provided recommendations and customer referrals from our user-driven community network.

By sharing their personal experiences and business reviews to other nearby residents, advertisers can quickly gain new customers ready to purchase. This is huge for many small business owners looking to increase your brand and your bottom line. And best of all, since we already understand the challenge of maximizing your limited marketing dollars on generating new business, being an advertiser on the WCN is very affordable!


Who are the members of the WCN?

The 21,000 members of the WCN are the lifeblood of the network. Without their contribution of shared experiences, business reviews, recommendations and information, the WCN would just be another advertising medium. However, unlike other advertising channels the WCN audience is very engaged, very active and growing rapidly. With hundreds of new members getting added every month, the WCN is the fastest growing private Facebook group dedicated to promoting local businesses in Wesley Chapel, as well as New Tampa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Zephyrhills and all of Pasco County.

The audience demographics of the WCN show a heavy skew to a female audience with ages ranging 25-54. That demographic makes up 53% of the entire Facebook private group audience. By contrast, men ranging from 25-54 account for 25% of the total audience. In total, women comprise 69% of all users compared to 31% being men.

Combined age demographics break down as follows:

  • Adults 18-24 years old – 6%
  • Adults 25-34 years old – 22%
  • Adults 35-44 years old – 32%
  • Adults 45-54 years old – 23%
  • Adults 55-64 years old – 10%
  • Adults 65+ years old – 6%

Hillsborough and Pasco Counties combine to account for 83% of the WCN audience. Pasco carries the majority with 44% of all WCN members followed by Hillsborough at 39%.


What businesses advertise on the WCN?

The Wesley Chapel Network is comprised of a wide range of advertisers and sponsors. Whether your business is landscaping, dentistry, restaurant, plumbing, A/C repair, pet grooming, accounting, retail or anything in between, we’ve got potential customers looking for you.

There is no specific exclusivity to any general type of service categories or business verticals. So if you do not see your business category listed, it’s only because we have not added it yet. Add your business today so we can change that.


Why should I add my business to the WCN?

The Wesley Chapel Network exists to help users recommend service providers to other members. This is because we believe in allowing customers to engage with each other, share experiences and support our local businesses. If you’re a business that relies on customers in Wesley Chapel, North Hillsborough and/or Pasco County, this should be pretty obvious enough already.

However, if you’re still not convinced maybe this data will help. In the last 60 days, 85% of our 21,000+ members have been active on the Wesley Chapel Network. Most of that 85% visit the private Facebook group page several times per day, throughout the day, seven days a week. From 6am until midnight our members are active (and even a handful of them all night long) commenting, reacting and posting. That means, right now while you’re reading this sentence, there’s potentially a customer on the WCN looking for a recommendation from other members for a service your business provides.


How does the advertising work on the WCN?

The WCN offers all-inclusive business packages that combine these three elements: 1.) a featured business listing in our directory, 2.) display advertising in our private Facebook group news feed and 3.) have a dedicated business Spotlight.

Standard Business Listings:

Our most standard sponsorship opportunity is included in all of our package offers. It provides a foundation for your business to receive unlimited mentions every time a member asks for a vendor recommendation… which happens dozens of time each day. We’re serious. This happens constantly.

When members post a request for a recommendation matching your business category our admins will link your business for you. This link will then go directly to your Wesley Chapel Network business profile which provides all of your business contact information, links to your website, displays a business description and customer reviews.






Private Facebook Group Display Advertising:

Just being listed under specific business categories and mentioned by our admins when a user seeks a service recommendation is not always enough. If you have a special offer that needs to be promoted or a brand message that requires more reach and/or frequency, then display advertising is a must. If you’re already promoting your business on Facebook seeking new customers then this should be a no-brainer.

Along with the unlimited plugs/mentions from our Facebook group admins for your service category, display advertising allows the opportunity for your message to be displayed in our news feed multiple times per day. Imagine exposing your message to over 21,000 North Hillsborough and Pasco County users multiple times per day. Now imagine your advertisement linking directly to your web page directly in front of that audience. That very engaged audience that visits the WCN private Facebook group several times per day. Think about it.




Quarterly Mailed Magazine:

Digital advertising is growing like crazy and thanks to accountability performance tracking it’s also very effective. However, it doesn’t hit all audiences and it’s not the simplest way to get a coupon offer to your target audience. With that in mind, the Wesley Chapel Network has now launched a quarterly magazine mailer. That means on top of getting exposure to our 21,000 members via display advertising, you will also be listed in our magazine that reaches 20,000 homes in Wesley Chapel.

For retail and home service businesses this is a perfect, natural complement to digital advertising. After all, if you’re a business seeking customers who own or rent homes in or around Wesley Chapel, wouldn’t getting your message directly into their home make it easier to convert them? Or course it would. Also, if you’re a retail business seeking customers who own or rent homes in or around Wesley Chapel, we can create an ad coupon that they can bring directly into your business.


Ready to add your business today?