How NOT To Get Sick This Season

How NOT To Get Sick This Season

We live in a world of information overload and it can get very confusing so let me clarify and give you a few tips on what really works when it comes to keeping our immune system strong and healthy especially in the cold and flu season.
I see a lot of sick people in my practice especially in the cold and flu season.
Soon as a sudden temperature change happens between seasons in Florida, we seem to get sick and progress to a more severe cold or even the flu very quickly. So why is that ?
Not only that we live in a tropical climate where moisture builds up to an unhealthy stagnant level causing bacteria and mold to grow at a fast rate, but we have a stressed out fast paced life as well that weakens our bodies and mind. We also have to look deeper if you tend to have frequent colds and see what the root cause may be.
Did you know that the immune system has a strong relationship to the lymphatic system, and their relationship to the water element in the body?

The immune system is the body’s protection that creates different types of lymphocytes that cleanses you from foreign invaders like bacterias, viruses and cancer cells.The lymph notes are responsible of the cleansing of the cellular waist that is collected.
Ancient Chinese medicine says that our water element supports all physical processed in our body and is ruled by the kidney and the kidney is responsible for the bones and bone marrow. The interesting thing is that one of the lymphocytes called B lymphocytes comes from the bone marrow. We need to support and nourish the water element in the body so bad things flush out properly.

As a child growing up in Europe our mothers and grandmothers always told us to get fresh air. Yes, fresh air is a must to clean your internal system and to thrive in a healthy manner, but we live in a humid environment where the air is anything but fresh. Sudden temperatures do affect us and if the body is not strong, once you catch a cold, it can progress into something even more severe. Have you noticed that most times when you get a cold it seems to start from a little sneeze that then turns into mucus build up rapidly, that mucus has to go somewhere so it ends up in your sinuses getting infected or it moves onto your ears giving you an ear infection, or the lungs that will cause upper respiratory infections or even pneumonia and people with asthma or allergies are most vulnerable to this rapid acceleration. Stress and the foods you eat also contribute greatly to how often or how fast you get sick.
So what is a person to do ?

Support – Strengthen – Detoxify – Nourish

Most important thing you can do is the support and strengthening of your immune system well before seasonal allergies, colds and flu season hits. So where should we start ?

Here are some tips:

– Eat organic in season whole fresh fruits and vegetables when ever you possibly can

– Make sure you’re not sedentary, a light daily exercise is ideal even if you only do 10 sit ups and 5 push ups or 20 jumping jacks when you wake up in the morning gets your blood pumping and circulating throughout your body, carrying oxygen and nutrients all to your organs as needed. This also supports the cleansing and healthy flow of your lymphatic system.

– Stay away from processed foods because with every bite you take it weaken your immunity. Processed foods do not have fresh whole nutrients your body really craves to build your defense system.

– Have an outlet to your daily stress. Since we are exposed to daily stress, we need a way to decompress and I’m not talking about wine, ha ha, I am talking about things like mindful meditation or deep breathing or even my favorite a nightly lavender-epsom-detox bath with a dose of tart cherrie juice for a deep restful sleep. Your body naturally regenerates during a deep sleep and your organs major detoxification happens between the hours of 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM

– Have your natural medicine cabinet stocked up with a few homeopathic remedies that will assure you a healthy and fast recovery. Things like a bottle of Brags raw apple cider vinegar is an amazing remedy when taken at the first sign of a cold.This has kept colds away from our household for many years.

– Have herbal teas like chamomile, sage and wild thyme that are antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, natural “antibiotic” teas.

– Drink lots of clean purified water with couple drops of a high quality mineral supplement since purification of the water not only removes the bed stuff, but also the good like minerals our body needs in every function of our body.You will also be flushing your lymph out from toxins that cause sickness.

– Make sure you have a high quality vitamin C that is put together from nature only and be aware that ascorbic acid is the synthetic form.

– Another excellent supplementation that is very important for a strong defense system is pre and probiotics. If you can not get it from foods daily, you need to purchase a very high quality supplement. Don’t take short cuts with these important supplements or you will not get the benefits you need.

Listen, I am not a fan of synthetic supplements or even multivitamins, studies have shown that they have a negative effect on the body’s health. This is why I always teach about the importance of nature sourced foods or supplements and I refuse to use anything else that does not check out clean in every way.

Take these tips with you on how to get your immune system happy and healthy and always have your home stocked with a few natural remedies.

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